Feedback from our Children in Museums event, May 23rd in Manchester

Thanks so much to everyone who came to ‘Space, materials, the body: researching young children’s experiences in museums’ event the other week in Manchester. The event focussed on how research and practice can better account for the bodily, sensory, tacit and experiential aspects of young children’s museum visiting.

In coming weeks we will publish a series of blog posts with further information and resources related to the event.

In the meantime, here is some of the feedback from participants at the event.

“I enjoyed the speakers focus, very interesting and presenting new ideas. I appreciated the opportunity to deeply discuss the theory and different theoretical perspectives of young children and museums – debating and discussing this with a broad range of people is very useful in expanding ideas.”

“I’m going to reframe some of our activities to be more about teamwork and sharing and less about final outcome.”

“Doing practical workshops alongside theory – something that is usually lacking in conferences about creative learning.”


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